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35 AI Tools In Digital Marketing

Updated: Feb 24

The artificial intelligence tools for digital marketing are growing exponentially. Online marketing experts are looking for affordable processes and more reliable platforms. Thus, these digital marketers need to develop an automation strategy to have a more effective, dynamic and results-oriented team.

As more and more marketers are looking to outperform each other in their businesses, the demand for digital solutions keeps growing. Artificial intelligence-powered software is becoming a more popular and affordable technology. So the question that arises is, "How to get the marketing team to start their artificial intelligence journey?"

So choosing a tool that delivers the results you expect can be a complex and time-consuming process. The best way to find your tool is by experimenting and testing AI tools and platforms. This is the best way you can come to understand its pros and cons. The solution is to experiment with as many vendors as possible. You begin the process by registering your information on their website. And then, requesting more information about their company and tools' benefits or capabilities. It is usually possible to schedule a phone call with them. This is the best way for the salesperson to explain the results that you can achieve with their AI tools.

It has become a challenge to predict the point that Artificial Intelligence could reach in a few years. The number of investments for future AI tools and software developments has increased, fueled by strong global demand. As a result, AI tools for digital marketing are becoming a promising field for innovative companies in the field. Especially for companies that adopt disruptive methodologies to solve big problems.

To expand the knowledge of artificial intelligence on marketing applications, many computer science teachers and students are teaming up with marketing professionals. The goal is to create an interactive neural network to improve the efficiency of artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning projects with marketing strategies. It's becoming a challenge to predict how far Artificial Intelligence will be in a few years from now. But we know is that the investments for AI tools software and future developments have been increasing.

AI tools for digital marketing is a promising field. Especially with disruptive methodologies and innovative solve problem capacities.

What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Marketers?

The use of intelligence AI in marketing is giving similar advantages in the journey of refining clients. It chooses effective strategies for simplifying marketing. This affects the effective allocation of limited resources in the campaign. Therefore, it results in a higher ROI. Using significant data insights given by AI is quite an essential thing for completing this. It is beneficial for digital marketers. Digital marketing activities are continuously changing so fast, which means that the companies needed consistent innovation to keep up to the mark. Current technologies such as AI and machine learning have given potential digital marketing strategies, and this assures a high level of sales conversion. In this regard, digital marketing companies need to work according to the evolving industry for ensuring its growth. Below you will find the benefits of involving AI and machine learning in improving businesses.

AI-Assisted Web Design

AI has several tools that assure to help in developing professional web sites. With the information provided by the user like a call to action, texts, and pictures so that a website can get designed according to the user’s particulars. AI utilizes several algorithms for complimenting the customized web experience. This gets done by checking the data from only one user and delivering it with the best possible. The inclusion of AI and ML to present priory technology has made it easy for marketers worldwide to create an impelling website.

Audience Selection

The selection of the audience through the marketing campaign can control the usage of AI. An attack can get higher than the linear segmentation include those individuals who share the same features with the ones praising the AI. With the usage of intelligence software, the selection of audience and segmentation get improved and result in assists the marketers to provide altered experienced that will enhance the relevance.

Content Crafting Services

The only assured method to improve the reach of the campaign is crafting content. AI proved to craft exclusive content and generating it too. The usage of AI for curating the content of the writer will enhance the connectivity with customers. It will be a way to show them relevant and customized content. AI works by following the widely visited web pages or most searched topics and result in continuously providing the content related to priory searched problems. There is an abundance of AI tools for content crafting easily accessible.

Creating and Customizing Content

Insights require for creating better content. AI and ML give real-time insights for the creation of better material. There is a great number of AI tools that business can use for creating better content that is relevant and customized according to the marketing goals or needs. Artificial intelligence and machine learning grip over the provided data in real-time for giving results and making independent decisions as a conclusion.


AI now more improves customer service via the innovation of chatbots. They are for providing better customer service by giving 24/7 conversing support for the web users via messenger. The users can quickly seek the services and products with the assistance of these chatbots. They also Natural Learning Process and are automated for responding to all the questions asked precisely.

Customer Service AI has created a positive impact on customer service. Companies are starting to tap into its benefits because of that. Research has shown that about 42% of clients expect a reply within 60 minutes. After complaining about social media platforms, that is. 24/7 service is a very hard thing to achieve. That is the reason why AI is revolutionizing this field.

Email Marketing Revolution

Artificial intelligence AI and machine learning have a significant part in email marketing too. Marketers are gaining benefits from this invention as it increases their efforts. The campaigns of email marketing are customizable according to user preference via the use of AI. This email marketing innovation headed to improved connection with clients and made them turn into consumers. It assesses the data of the customer that tells the best time to get in touch with them. It also analyses the subject lines and titles of email that gives the highest clicks. AI is accurate when the thing is customizing emails for subscribers.

Predictive Analysis

This is a type of digital AI that uses the previous and current data, performance or real-time status, and machine learning algorithms for future predicting. Marketers now understand the working and non-working methods with AI. This will make them liable to adjust and increase the performance and give improved ROI. It motivates the usage of deep learning language to help the marketers in understanding and accelerating the enhancement of intelligent campaigns. It saves time for tricky tasks.

Predictive Marketing to Unlock Business strength

It assists in predicting clients that are going to convert and assures that the best strong value is given even before someone reaches out. The sales team of the company cannot deal realistically with every client and potent leads on a daily basis. In this regard, they work on guesses and suppose that which lead should get priorities and which deal can give the best chances for a sale. Moreover, it helps in determining the response of customers to the marketing messages. Optimizing the performance for improving business effectiveness, and it converts the data to real working insights.

Recommendations for Customer Engagements

The recommendation is the topmost way in Artificial Intelligence for assisting the customers on the websites. E-commerce websites, blogs, media websites, and social networking will grasp the usage of AI to assist in determining activities on the web. Along with recommending the products and content for improved and maximized conversion.

AI-Based Marketing Tools

In order to make it easy for you, we have created a comprehensive listing of the best AI tools. It's an easy way for you to learn more; it will also be a good guide for you to choose the best one to implement. The list goes from social media marketing, search engine optimization - SEO, analytics and more.

* Traffic Trend Graphics- Show the number of monthly visitors to the AI company's websites. Pay attention to the blue line web traffic trend (Organic traffic-Popularity).

** Ahrefs Rank - The lower the Ahrefs rank is, the better.

UR / DR - The higher the better.

*** Ahrefs ranks websites by the size and quality of their backlink profiles — basically, by their DR (domain rating). The more and higher-quality backlinks a website has, the higher its DR is, and the closer its AR is to #1.


It is an affordable, auto-web approach-ability resolution, which utilizes artificial intelligence, known as “Contextual Learning” to understand the chain of command of a web-page, URLs, pictures, and other forms to reorganize or adjust them to the approachable controls.


It assists in reading, analyzing, and understanding the content with help from AI. It owns a “scorecard,” which evaluates your content and provides scores on various levels. This is a whole series of reports for the content and possesses an amazing control panel, which displays knowledgeable details regarding the quality of your content.

Total Funding Amount $60M.

Alli AI

It provides numerous SEO attributes powered by AI to develop and make the best out of your webpage content tactics. This tool offers the user a simple and sturdy method to gain traffic, create standard backlinks, and measure the outreach of the business. The procedure comprises organizing the SEO strategy, locating backlinks, receiving codes, and optimizing the content.


This is a software powered by Artificial Intelligence and created to control the online marketing strategies and keep up with a consistent optimization to fulfill the goals of the business. Albert advises the time and also the place to engage with customers and gives a consistent growth of strategies to reach the target goal.

Automated Insights

This is a technology AI tool that helps to transform the data into something more significant account. This is an enterprise offering and can generate any data to convert them into important accounts on the basis of themes you store, that are personalized and essential for clients. Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

Bright Edge

It is a marketing network, which includes numerous modes to support the content creator with making the most of their content. This application has DataCube, Intent Signal, Page recording, Keyword recording, Voice share, Hyperlocal, and Content suggestions.

Can I Rank

It accumulates data through plenty of SEO-websites and then goes the extra mile to explain with recommendations. Moreover, it provides the score of keyword SEO difficulty to let the customer decide the exact keyword, which works for their particular webpage.


It is the basis of voice search on any platform such as; Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana or even Facebook Messenger. This program is supported by Google and runs with natural language processing. Acquired by Google


The process of MarketBrew requires base model coding, and sequentially, adapting it in order to fit your aimed search browsers; whereupon they challenge they can support any search browser. It even comfortably offers the customers with methods to solve the problems with raking that may be experimented afresh in a few hours.


AI-powered research assistant that accelerates content creation and optimization so you can win in organic search. Total Funding Amount $6.7M

Motiva AI

Learns to adapt your messaging to customers automatically and delivers better engagement, at any scale.

Matrix is a WordPress plugin that analyzes your content and makes suggestions to page titles, content areas, etc with the help of AI.

Narrative Science

It is one other AI-powered natural lingo creation tool, which transforms the data into accounts by means of AI. Similar to Automated Insights, it also transforms every kind of data to fine, customer-oriented, tailored accounts at the fasted speed and size, which operates in various contexts. Total Funding Amount $43.4M


Access new accounts, analyze deal risk and measure account health – powered by relationship intelligence. Total Funding Amount CA$6.5M


It creates customized content following the viewing of a webpage history of the user online. This application is distinct from others because it concentrates essentially on the journey of the customer, with its registered “content order” area. Total Funding Amount $17.9M


Simplifies analytics to enable marketing and product teams to get valuable data without any help from developers.

Total Funding Amount $12.4M

Pave AI

It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool, which converts the data of Google Analytics into useful acumens to enhance your marketing strategy. The algorithm of Pave AI combines marketing to the customer’s data from unique stages and evaluates them to learn the things that work and the things that need improvement.

Total Funding Amount $620K

Phrasee - AI-Powered Language Tool

It makes optimal subject lines for an email to let brands have an increased number of conversion, opens, and clicks. When you implement this experience to all your advertising campaigns along with Instagram and Facebook advertisements will enhance the experience of a user, generate more action and conversions even before you know it.

Total Funding Amount $5.3M


It provides Artificial Intelligence with three aspects of webpages on WordPress, personal blogging, editorial, and business. WordPress has given it 4.7 from total 5-stars since it evaluates the content into entities. It is one other SEO WordPress plugin that evaluates the content and recognizes analyzed categories over them to enhance applicability.

AI Digital Marketing tools for Content Customization, Targeting, and Measurement

AI-based Content Engagement


It is an intelligent content engagement application, which owns an AI-based module that operates without the user needing to invest time to structure it. It observes and measures your website and understands the main behavioral exemplars to learn the best method to use them.

AI-based Content Creation

In order to align your content needs to the most applicable writer, use. With time, when you used the software for a good time, then, you can generate a group of content writers that your system selects with the aim of managing content creation in the best possible way. Total Funding Amount €100K


Frase improves SEO and drives conversion by using your website content to answer your visitors' questions. Total Funding Amount $947K

Audience engagement


An advertising lingo tool adopts AI and intelligent retrieval to generate language, which resembles the most with all kinds of audiences, segments, or even individuals. Total Funding Amount $66M


Hubspot, Liveperson, Drift, and Conversica.

Digital advertising


It is AMaaS that stands for Audience Management as a Service, which practices wide, conveys and intelligent retrieval to self-regulate the administration along with optimization of the advertisements on applications, such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. It has the capacity to recognize and determine the applications that are most beneficial and then direct the spending toward them. Total Funding Amount $8M


It utilizes intelligent retrieval to make the best use of bid, finance, and sales channel for your Instagram, Google ads, and Facebook - at a certain scale. Total Funding Amount $5.8M

There are tools like Persado, Phrasee, and Boomtrain that apply AI for digital advertising.

Customized email marketing

It is a framework, which focuses on the content that engages the audience, and then adjusts the stories in the upcoming emails you get.


It is a cross-channel customer service application, which utilizes its original AI algorithm, known as Sherpa AI in order to provide effective customized emails to clients and enhance customer engagement by presenting custom content according to every distinct preference of the user. Total Funding Amount $15.8M

Intelligent content generation

The mainstream digital media uses Quill, Wordsmith, and Articoolo to generate news that entails clicks on the webpages. Utilizing templates and filling in blanks to insert data along with keywords may generate distinct content to give the impression that a human has written it.

Observing reviews on the internet


It is one digital literacy administering an organization that concocts a huge quantity of data, comprehends the things said in the reviews, after that give preference to the ones you must answer to quickly. Total Funding Amount $117.8M

Hosting service


It applies artificial intelligence to create a webpage on the basis of the information provided by a user (such as images, call for action, text, etc.) Total Funding Amount $2M